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            Application features of silicon rubber heating chip

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            Application features of silicon rubber heating chip

            Date of release:2018-08-30 Author: Click:

            1. The heating plate using the electric heating device, it is necessary to pay attention to its continued use operating temperature should be less than 240 ℃, the instantaneous does not exceed 300 ℃.

            2. The silica gel heating chip can work and bear pressure. Use auxiliary pressure plate to make it close to the hot surface. Outstanding thermal conductivity, temperature not to surpass 240 ℃ in the assignments section, the current density can be up to 3 w/c ㎡. We see a lot of shawl massagers, massage belts, backrest massagers and so on are made with non-woven fever piece. Non-woven fever piece only 3 to 5 mm, the thickness of the area from 10 cm to 4.0 ㎡, the work from 0.5 watts to several hundred watts, the highest working temperature of 150 ℃. It is an ideal heating element for the design of low temperature surface heating applications.


            3. Zhang Tieshi device working conditions, to allow operating temperature is less than 150 ℃.

            4. If the air dry condition, the data constraints of heat-resistant, its power density should be less than 1 W/c ㎡; Not continue working condition, the power density of 1.4 W/c ㎡.

            5. The working voltage of the heating plate is selected according to the criteria of high power - high voltage and low power - low voltage. Special requirements can be listed out.

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